Impact of Unnayan's flood response

Baripada Mudhi is a women entrepreneurship development and income generation program instituted by Unnayan, an NGO. The program is operating in Gadighati Gram Panchayat under Rasgovindpur Block of Mayurbhanj district. The program involves 121 direct women members under a cooperative banner called Mayurbhanj Mahila Association, MMA in short. The members are primarily members of local SHGs formed and facilitated by Unnayan. The members fall broadly under economically marginalized and otherwise disadvantaged groups.





Provision of Safe drinking water & water borne disease control


Disinfection of tube-wells (446 nos. in 131 worst affected villages)
Drinking water treatment at household level by providing geoline/halogen to 9920 families. All these 9920 families have been provided with a set of 3 soaps (toilet/bath/wash).
Water quality testing done of 93 nos. of tubewells. (Bacterial, PH, Chlorine, Torbidity testing)
Buckets with lid for collection and storage of drinking water along with alum for purification provided to 6976 families
ORS packets distributed and stored at village level for emergency use (11795 pkts)

Safe drinking water made available in 131 villages

Village Community made aware about the quality of water they use.

Household assets created for water collection and storage in the most vulnerable and poor families.

Spread of Diarrhea and other serious epidemics could be prevented. (Note: Diarrhea was started in many villages. We got 110 diarrhea cases in a survey conducted by us among 1337 families.)

62% of beneficiaries are following the storage methods, 81% using mug or ladle, 89% doing proper water purification, 72% handwashing using soap after toilet, 51% handwashing before and after taking food, 27% using latrines (As per a follow-up study conducted by Unnayan on 17.08.07)

Ensuring Adequate Maintenance of Facilities and Testing of water quality.

Support for tubewell repairing kits (14 sets)
Del Agua Water Testing Kit (1 set)
Appropriate Sanitation for Adult Women
Supply of Sanitary Napkins (5000 nos.)



Assets created at community level for maintenance and testing of water sources without external dependency.

Gynecological diseases due to unsafe sanitary practices could be prevented.

Rural women ignorant about use of sanitary napkins could be educated about the same.


Supply of tarpaulin sheets (5597 nos)
Supply of rope for emergency shelter

Construction of temporary shelters with support of tarpaulin, bamboo, rope and labour to the most vulnerable (600 targetted and 81 completed as on 22.08.07)


Emergency shelter could be provided to a substantial number of poor people whose houses are swept away, collapsed or damaged in the disaster. Most of them had taken shelter in elevated points under the sky or taken shelter in some other’s house or in public places such as schools, temples etc. This emergency shelter provided a lot of respite to them. Some of them who have returned back to their homes are also using the tarpaulins over their damaged thatch.

Temporary shelter is made available to the most   vulnerable people who are unable to construct/repair their houses at least till this rainy season is over.

It also provides the homeless an emotional support as shelter is not only considered as a basic need but also as an emotional need.



Formation of “Subarnarekha Surakshya Sena”

Village Cleanliness Drive

Facilitating construction and use of pit latrines

“Jana Shram” (village reconstruction through mass labour contribution) Programme.

Cleanliness drive with active involvement of community members done in 22 villages as on date.
Many families in our operational area have started constructing pit latrines. 1034 pit latrines have been made by families themselves as on 17.08.07.
Practice of using latrines developed and open defecation reduced.
 People’s participation in relief operation and village reconstruction work developed.



Training provided to local volunteers on Public Health & Hygiene Promotion and also on disaster management.(70 volunteers)

Technical Training to volunteers on water purification, tubewell repairing and maintenance (28 volunteers)

Technical Training on use of Del Agua kit for water testing. (6 volunteers)

Capacity building of Unnayan through putting appropriate systems in practice by Oxfam.

Well capacitated volunteers with knowledge and skills on hygiene promotion and disaster management developed in all the 14 GPs of our operational area.
Technical hands on water purification and tubewell repairing made available at community level thus developing the strength of social capital.
Unnayan’s management capability strengthened.


Door-to-door visit to educate the community on health and hygiene practices.
Distribution of leaflets with messages on safe health & hygiene practices and use of hygiene kit.
Wall painting giving key messages on safe
Display of “F” chart.
People’s awareness on various scientific and preventive healthcare measures and safe hygiene practices developed.
The above-mentioned results are testimony of awareness generation.


Local administration
Other NGOs
Local opinion leaders

Fair practice in relief and humanitarian response conducted by Unnayan-Oxfam is highly commended and recognised by people in general and community as well as administrative institutions in particular.

A good foundation is laid to plan and work for addressing the bigger issues such as disaster mitigation, environment protection, livelihood issues, health and sanitation etc.

Support and cooperation is availed during this flood response programme from all the institutions and cross sections of people.


Involving Women in Selection of beneficiaries and village level distribution committees.
Health and sanitation programme with emphasis on women’s problems (eg. Provision of sanitary napkins).
Village level SHGs involved
Equal nos. of male and female volunteers involved with equal responsibility given to both.
Widows, handicapped women, women headed households, divorced, old sick women given priority in the response programme.
Women came out of the confinement of their homes and participated in the flood response programme.
A social capital base in terms of women volunteers created in the operational area.
Sharing and caring for the problems of women developed.






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