Baripada Mudhi is a women entrepreneurship development and income generation program instituted by Unnayan, an NGO. The program is operating in Gadighati Gram Panchayat under Rasgovindpur Block of Mayurbhanj district. The program involves 121 direct women members under a cooperative banner called Mayurbhanj Mahila Association, MMA in short. The members are primarily members of local SHGs formed and facilitated by Unnayan. The members fall broadly under economically marginalized and otherwise disadvantaged groups.

MMA emerged as a response to the policy-focused micro entrepreneurship promotion through SHGs, for women’s economic and social empowerment in the State. It dates back to about five years when Unnayan tried to systematically organize women under SHGs and link them with MMA. The formal structure came into being in November 2002.

The brand name “Baripada Mudhi” stands for natural, additive-free and indigenously prepared quality product. It was a challenge to promote the sale of the branded Baripada Mudhi in the local market, as Mudhi making is common in most households in the area. It was like selling ice to an Eskimo. However, MMA and Unnayan took up the challenge and acted hand in hand for market access of Baripada Mudhi. Through consistent efforts, the sales volume has shown a steady rise from 3 quintals per month to more than 40 quintals per month over a period of only two and half years only, simply because of its uncompromising quality. The members of the cooperative operate the overall process of the business starting from production to quality assurance and market penetration. Within the organization they have devised mechanisms and framework to maintain supply line, quality and financial management. Unnayan has been facilitating the sale of Mudhi in urban market in a small way in Bhubaneswar. Apart from that there are stall sale of Baripada Mudhi in exhibitions.

Through the enterprise the marginalized women of the area are making an income ranging from Rs.500/- to Rs. 1200/- per month. This small but regular income has influenced the lifestyle, worldview and attitude of the women and their families. The MMA members also have a sense of social responsibility that is reflected in their activities pertaining to rural development, at least in their own villages.

The Baripada Mudhi Meet is organized with a dual purpose; one to facilitate an interface among producers, traders and consumers as well as with the wider public and development thinkers and, two, in order to generate some useful suggestions for further development of the venture.


Inception Year 2002

Village Tambakhori, Rasgovindpur block, Mayurbhanj district

Produced and marketed by

A Cooperative named Mayurbhanj Mahila Association (MMA)

Facilitated by Unnayan (NGO)
No. of SHGs involved 27
No. of direct beneficiaries 121
Product USP

Natural, additive-free, nutritious and indigenously processed

Nutritional value

Its nutritional contents as analysed by Central Food Technological Research Institute (CFTRI), Mysore shows moisture % by wt 5.18, total ash % by wt 2.95, protein % by wt 6.10, fat % by wt 0.28, carbohydrates (by difference) % by wt 85.32, crude fibre % by wt 0.17, calorific value 370.

Broad category of beneficiaries

Economically marginalized and disadvantaged women involved in production of Mudhi (puffed rice)

Production volume According to market demand
Current sales volume 40 quintals per month
Major market segments Mayurbhanj and Balasore Districts and Bhubaneswar
Financial gain per member In the range of Rs. 500/- to Rs. 1200/-
Social impact

Gender sensitiveness, leadership quality, social responsibility, participation in decision making, increased awareness on health and education

Further requirements

Whole hearted support from different stake holders in terms of capacity building of members, infrastructure development, market linkage establishment




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