Impact of Livestock

Our programme on livestock development looks at value- based development in every community.

There is a reduction in the number of families that migrate to areas outside their village in search of wage work after the agricultural season. The beneficiary families have a greater degree of self-reliance since they will be solely dependent on their own land and skills for their livelihood. There is greater enthusiasm about the community keeping livestock as a livelihood.

receive repeated trainings that would increase levels of awareness and also lead to higher self-esteem. Moreover, since they are organized into institutions like SHGs, there is a sense of belonging to a collective.

Mutual Help
Cornerstone training and the process of Passing on the gifts has increased the feeling of social responsibility of each family. The twelve cornerstones help the beneficiary families to develop a new value system that has led to an attitudinal change on the individual, the family as well as the entire community.

Trainings on Improved Animal Management and repeated technical education on the same has led to improved practices of animal Management in the area. A team of bare-foot veterinary doctors in the area has been trained to improve the quality and accessibility of veterinary services in the area.





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